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Man Receives 8 Year Sentence For Assaulting and Defaming Ex-Fiance

Man Receives 8 Year Sentence For Assaulting and Defaming Ex-Fiance


The indicted goes by Muhammad Sajjad, who has been awarded an 8 year sentence in jail in a case relating to Sajjad sharing a girl’s compromising photos online in spite

A case had been registered by the Federal Investigation Agency, charging Sajjad for blackmailing his ex-fiance and leaking her nude photos on social media. The complaint had been registered by the victim, who said that the predator insulted her character which resulted in the termination of her Nikkah with her new fiance even before the Rukhsati.

She added that they had been in a relationship for two years, until she learnt of his criminal past. She also said that her ex-fiance had sexually assaulted her, by one day calling her to his house and then forcing her to comply as he took compromising photos of her. The victim was also threatened with murder and blackmailed with the photos by Sajjad. When she circulated news of her new engagement, the photos were uploaded to social media and sent to her to be in-laws, who immediately called it off.

The court found the accused guilty of all accounts and sentenced him to 8 years in prison along with a Rs. 5 million fine under Sections 20 and 21 of the Pakistan Penal Court.

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