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Man arrested for trying to rape minor girl in Landhi

Man arrested for trying to rape minor girl in Landhi


A man was beaten up by citizens for what was reported as an alleged case of rape attempt in Karachi’s Landhi area on Tuesday.

According to the Quaidabad police, a five-year-old was playing outside her home in New Muzzafarabad area when the suspect took him to a bathroom of a nearby mosque. Fortunately, some shopkeepers saw the suspect going towards the bathroom with the girl. The shopkeepers were quick to catch the suspect before he could hurt the girl. As the police were called in, the suspect was arrested and a case was registered against him on behalf of the girl’s family, the police said.

Why is child abuse so rampant?

Child Abuse is unfortunately a common occurrence in Pakistan which tries to cover itself under the guise of religion but it is shocking and sad that pedophilia or child abuse is rampant in Pakistani society. The infamous Zainab rape case in Kasur and the Kasur child abuse scandal are just two infamous incidents which present a very crucial picture of the disease that is plaguing our society and government officials and other important persons fail to address this issue and even if they do, it is too late and the cycle continues.


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