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Lyari Community Comes Together To Repaint Vandalized Murals

Lyari Community Comes Together To Repaint Vandalized Murals


Recently, blogger Bilal Hussain visited the the Karachi neighbourhood, Lyari, to witness and showcase powerful murals done by local artists on the street walls. Bilal shared his experience on Instagram along with some pictures of graffiti that stood out.

A few days after his visit however, he received wind that the aforementioned murals had been desecrated by unknown degenerates possibly opposed to the murals’ messages or the idea of celebrating street art. Bilal returned to the neighborhood to condone the damage done.

At first, it had seemed like the turn of events had affected the community adversely, with Bilal describing the streets as desolate, in what may have been fear or sorrow.

However, by mid-afternoon the community had taken to the streets with the mind adamant to take back their pride by repainting over the vandalized art. The artists reportedly gathered in the area and got to work in good spirit, thanks to the public that was engaged in the Lewa, a Baloch dance, in their support.

And soon enough, the defaced murals were restored.

A local community leader was asked about the effects of the event, and if this act of defiance towards the miscreants would pose a threat to the public, to which the representative replied saying,

“Lyari has seen far worse. Over here, this is child’s play. If they deface these murals 100 times we’ll repaint them a 100 times over.”

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