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Lush Coffee Shops in Canada

Lush Coffee Shops in Canada

Momina Khan

Coffee has always been an important drink for the people of Canada- this year the coffee extravaganza has gone beyond that and created some evergreen coffee shops.

The coffee shops are there to create intimate spaces for those who want to get away from the dry and dreary weather in Canada. They create a warm atmosphere where we can enjoy our evergreen lush lattes.

There have been a few recent additions in Canadian lattes; there are intimate local cafes all across Canada, from Toronto to White horse. In Toronto, there is an “Odin” – a mixture of a cafe and a bar with a fusion of a modern interior with a hint of old sculptural feel around it.

It uses the famous , Modbar, machine that resembles the beer tap but brews steamy coffee and is mostly kept under the counter. This cafe is famous for brewing their amazing “Flat Whites.”

Another famous caffe is located in one of the oldest buildings in Toronto and is called ,” Dineen Coffee.” It is associated with the history of Toronto and is located at the corner of Temperance and Yonge street. People delightfully enjoy the circular lights that hang over the coffee shop and chat away with the baristas. It’s signature drinks are their famous Temperance espresso blend and mocha with melted chocolate ganache.

A few facts about coffee

According to a research study conducted by the Euromonitor in 2015- Canada was ranked no.1 in coffee consumption per capita out of 80 countries.

Breaking this down further into coffee consumption of per individual , Canada was ranked third. With its individuals consuming 152 litres of coffee per day.