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Lotus lovers, here are 5 bakeries in Lahore for you

Lotus lovers, here are 5 bakeries in Lahore for you


Ever since the rise in popularity, Lotus biscuits have been incorporated into numerous desserts: ice-cream, cheesecake, mini donuts, shakes and so much more. If you’re a fan of Lotus biscuits and are always looking for a new place to try out different infusions then look no further.

We’ve curated a list of 5 highly reviewed and personally loved Lotus picks found in Lahore.

1. Nerdies

Three milk cakes are a fan favourite because they’re lightweight and creamy. Add Lotus to the mix and you have a heavenly invention. Nerdies’ (@nerdies.pk) “12 Layered Lotus Biscoff Milk Cake” is a fluffy mix of salted caramel, Lotus spread, Lotus biscuits, mousse, and a rich three milk cake.

You can order it from their website whenever you’re craving a heavy dessert for only Rs.1200.

2. Sweet-o! Company

The Sweet-o! (@sweetocompany) are famous for their Lotus based desserts and one of them is their Lotus shakes. Its the combination of a smooth milkshake with the added crunch and flavour of Lotus biscuits. You can pick between a “Creamy” version which retails at Rs.350 and a “Creamy+Crunchy” version for Rs.380.

Check them out here!

3. Delicieux

Delicieux (@delicieux.pk) is a tried and tested home bakery for delicious lotus treats. Lotus Milk Cake is their speciality. The rich flavour has notes of caramel and biscoff cookies. You can get the milk cake for Rs. 2,600. Delicieux also customises milk cakes into letters and numbers depending on the customer’s choice. 

Click here to order!

4. The Batter Half Kitchenette

Molten cake but make it Lotus! This startup by a mother of two has taken over. The “Mini Lotus Cake” from The Batter Half Kitchenette (@batterhalfkitchenette) is dome shaped mini with Lotus biscuits covering it. The top is swbirled with chocolate and the filling is a gooey sauce that’ll make every bite satisfying. The cakes come in a box of 4 and retail for Rs.2600.

Visit their profile here!

5. Bakistry by Moazam

Bakistry by Moazam (@bakistrybymoaxam) is run by a dad of two with a passion for baking. You can never go wrong with their lotus brownies or lotus mousse. Their Lotus cheesecake slice is also a must-try. With a crunchy biscuit base, velvet smooth cream cheese filling and Lotus icing, this cake can be munched on for only Rs. 650 per slice

Visit them now!

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