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Local Govt. Taking Measures To Control Dengue Outbreak

Local Govt. Taking Measures To Control Dengue Outbreak


National Health Services representative, Dr. Zafar Mirza, says Punjab holds the record for most dengue cases as the number of afflicted people in the country increases.

“There are 11,783 dengue patients at present in the country out of which 2,827 are from Punjab, 2,474 from Sindh, 2,260 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 1,780 from Balochistan and 2,046 from Islamabad,” said Mirza while addressing a press conference.

The rep went on to say that 84% of cases in Punjab belong to the Potohar region, while in Sindh, 95% of cases have been reported to come from Karachi.

According to Dr. Zafar, the timings of OPDs in federal capital hospitals have been extended and serious patients are being shifted to major hospitals in order to effectively doctor different cases.

He said, “there is no shortage of dengue treatment medicines or testing kits”, as sufficient quantity of such medical items has been handed to all hospitals.

A hotline has been activated where a team of medical experts are working efficiently to answer citizens’ queries around the clock.

To get any dengue-related information, the following numbers can be contacted:


Mirza also assured that 16 Basic Health Units and two dispensaries of the federal capital have been activated to give initial treatment to dengue patients and refer them to major hospitals on serious condition.

Dr Mirza said he is personally monitoring the facilities and accomodation for dengue patients at the federal capital hospital and making improvements on the suggestions of patients and attendants.

Finally, he stated that a special study would be conducted in the coming days to find out reasons behind the spread of dengue in this region.

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