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Local Debater Can’t Argue for Shit With His Parents

Local Debater Can’t Argue for Shit With His Parents


A local debater from Defence Housing Authority recently confessed to a biting truth – He hasn’t won a single argument with his parent since the day he was conceived. Ali Aslam apart from having two of the most common names in the country is also a renowned debater. He has attended every debating competition and Model United Nation’s event within in a 10-mile radius from his home. Ali has earned 10 ‘Best Diplomacy’ awards and 5 ‘Best Speaker’ awards to date.

However, when it comes to arguing with his parents, “it all counts for shit!”, exclaimed the debater.

“Initially, I didn’t notice it a lot, but one day I had just won the best diplomacy award at a middle school MUN competition and I felt like the king of the world. Like, come on, I just became the best diplomat in a committee of 30 kids. I mean, diplomats. The people came from all kinds of schools, representing 30 diverse countries. Amongst them, one delegate even represented two countries since one kid never returned after the first day. Now all this has to count for something. So I called my parents to let me come home late so I can go and have some sheesha with friends, you know just some boys night out” Ali told in an exclusive interview to team PG.


Image Source: International Institute of Debate

Ali’s celebratory request was shot down immediately and instead, he was forced to take his mom to buy “Sabzi” from the local convenience store.
Ali says it sometimes gets really hard, considering he is a low key celebrity in the debating circle.

“School kids who get permission and have the money to attend these events know me by my name but at home, I’m a nobody”, says Ali. “It’s like living two lives!”

Ali ultimately wants to move out and make a career out of debating but winning debating competitions doesn’t pay anything. They only cost money – so that’s probably not happening anytime soon.
Talking to Ali’s Parents, PG found out Ali’s grades are in a deplorable condition. But to that Ali says that even Mark Zuckerberg was a Harvard drop out and then lit his cigarette.
Ali urges parents to let kids follow their dreams, grades will follow. When we pressed him on the question of money, he said there is always pocket money to get one by.

Ali also occasionally talks about poverty, hunger, and socialism in his newly decorated wooden drawing room.