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Lifesize Abhinandan Statue Installed At Karachi PAF Museum

Lifesize Abhinandan Statue Installed At Karachi PAF Museum

Zaynah Maroof

A lifesize statue of Indian pilot Abhinandan has been installed at Karachi’s PAF Museum

Abhinandan Varthaman, the Wing Commander whose plane was shot down by Pakistan Air Force over Indian-occupied Kashmir, has made it Karachi’s PAF Museum in the form of a sculpture complete with his signature mustache.

The Indian pilot became notorious throughout the nation for his stoic and civilized demeanour while being held captive by PAF, particularly for his comment on the tea being “fantastic”. The entire country saw his capture as a win for Pakistan and took pride in the Force’s humane decision to release him several days later as a signal for peace between the two countries.

Abhinandan was greeted as a hero upon his return to India, who are less enthusiastic about the unveiling of the statue, with Indian media calling it a “new low”.

The statue is part of an exhibit called “Operation Swift Retort”, which includes parts of the fuselage and tail of Abhinandan’s aircraft, as well as a teacup and a mock mess receipt charging him for the tea- one that had gone viral online days after his capture.

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