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Latest developments on Coronavirus from across the globe

Latest developments on Coronavirus from across the globe


Global death toll passes 15,000

According to Johns Hopkins University, the global death toll from coronavirus has passed 15,000 and currently stands at 15,300. The number of confirmed cases stands at 351,731.

The Tokyo Olympics might be postponed

Amid an increasing number of calls from committees around the world to delay the Tokyo Olympics, the head of the Japanese Olympic Committee stated he would have to consider postponing the Games.

“From the athletes’ point of view of safety and security, we have to come to a stage where we cannot help but consider things including postponement,” the JOC president, Yasuhiro Yamashita, told reporters on Monday. 

The coronavirus curve may be flattening in Germany

The head of the country’s public health institute said, strict social distancing measures have resulted in the levelling off the exponential upwards curve in new coronavirus infections in German.

“I will only be able to confirm this trend definitively on Wednesday,” stated Lothar Wieler while pointing out many health authorities had not yet submitted their data from the weekend.

Britain might be imposing stricter measures

Britain’s health secretary accused people who are still socialising of being “very selfish” and risking the lives of NHS workers and others. He signalled that the government may impose stricter rules to limit mobility along with curfews and further closures.

French parliament has voted for two-month ‘health state of emergency’

Imposition of the two-month ‘health state of emergency’ legalises restrictive measures including the confinement introduced on 16 March. Following the recommendations from country’s Covid-19 scientific committee it is expected that French government will announce that the confinement-to-home regulations that were initially due to last two weeks will be extended.

After weeks of denial, Syria confirms first case of COVID-19

Syria confirmed its first COVID-19 patient, a 20 year old woman who recently returned to the country. The health minister, Nizar Yaziji, stated appropriate measures have been taken. Many fear that a COVID-19 outbreak in the war-torn country could have disastrous consequences.

Stock markets slump as US Senate remains deadlocked over Covid-19 stimulus

The European markets faced a rough start after stocks slumped in Asia overnight. After nearly two hours of trading, the UK-focused FTSE 250 share index, which was down 4.5%. The sell-off was triggered by news that the US Senate failed to approve a large funding package to combat the impact of coronavirus.

Hundreds of health workers have been isolated in the Philippines

Almost 700 Filipino health workers have been quarantined over fears that they may have been exposed to the coronavirus. More than 50 million people in the Philippines are under lockdown as the country’s medical facilities struggle with a lack of testing kits and shortages of protective equipment.


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