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Lash Out This Spring With These 5 Local Lash Stores

Lash Out This Spring With These 5 Local Lash Stores


Spring is in full swing and that means it’s time to get all dolled up. Whether you’re running to your best friend’s wedding or catching a covid-friendly concert at an outdoor park, you’ll need to serve looks every single time. And no look is complete without a wispy lash here, or a dramatic lash there. 

Here are five local lash stores that are ready to help you achieve the look you want.

1. Lash Works (@lashworkspk)

Lash Works was “born out of fascination with false eyelashes,” an “entrepreneurial spirit” and the “desire to bring luxury mink eyelashes to women in Pakistan.” It’s living up to its motto.  

Started by Warda Rehman in 2016, the brand was made by a woman, for women all over the country.  Lash Works brings you ethically sourced mink lashes at reasonable prices. What’s more, the lashes are reusable upto 25+ times! Now that’s what we call a fan-lashtic investment. The lashes are naturally shredded and created from recycled mink hair, making these luxurious and cruelty free. Think you’re a beginner and may not understand how to use them? Don’t fret! Their website includes a detailed guide on how to apply and remove your lashes. So up your lash game today with Lash Works.

2. Code of Faith (@codeoffaith)

Code of Faith is an Instagram based e-commerce brand looking to provide you with lavish and 3D eyelashes. Their range includes thin and natural lashes to a more bolder, theatrical lash. Applying falsies can be a battle. Sometimes there’s lash glue on your fingers and the lashes get stuck under your brow instead of above your lash line! Code of Faith offers tools that can help you out. Their Eyelash Scissors and Eyelash Applicator make it much easier for those falsies to look real. Code of Faith lashes are clean, sterilised and ready to be applied. They’re made from mink fur and can be reused upto 20 times! The best part? They’re waterproof. So if you think you’ll shed some tears at your brother’s wedding, these lashes are for you.

3. The Lash Company (@thelashcompany)

The Lash Company’s falsies are as cute as their logo. If you’re a bride looking to purchase the best lash for your big day, we recommend The Lash Company. In association with Sabina’s Salon, the store has numerous positive reviews. They sell fiber mink lashes that are truly “cost effective”. One lash set costs around Rs. 500. The package not only comes with soft, natural looking lashes but also a free applicator. So you can stop stressing about how you’ll apply these. These can last a very long time, 30 times according to the company if you take care of them well. As like Amaaryl, these are also handmade and that means a lot of love goes into making each pair.

4. Amaaryl (@amaaryl)

We all know that mascara is a game changer. Falsies, take it up a notch. If you want your look to be more natural, we suggest browsing Amaaryl’s range. The brand was started by an ambitious lifestyle and makeup blogger Yusra Sheikh in December 2020. The lashes are 100% cruelty free and reusable as they are faux mink. This look is achieved by layering the lashes on top of each other on a single brand, carefully and by hand. Yes, they’re handmade and that’s what makes them so unique. They’re light on the eyes and super comfy to wear, you may not even feel them at all! Ammaryl has recently launched their lashes in stores like Al-Fatah and Enem Mall, so you can get up close and personal with these beauties.

5. AR QOZMETIC (@arqozmetic)

AR Qozemtic is a multi-utility make up brand offering everything from lashes to liquid lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes. It’s a one stop shop for anyone who wants to level up their beauty game. You can start with natural glam, take it up a notch with evening looks or even do your own creative thing. They have an extensive blogger panel with wonderful reviews that can be found in their Instagram highlights. Their lashes section has everything from subtle to wild. They offer both mink and faux mink lashes so you have the option to pick anything you like. AR Qozemtic is on the pricier side ranging from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1600  but they offer the highest quality of lashes that last upto 30 re-applications. You want the best for your eyes, so consider it a great investment.

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