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This eatery is revolutionising healthy dining in Lahore

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This eatery is revolutionising healthy dining in Lahore


Lahore is renowned for its obsession with food. Despite, new eateries popping up every week, one can find themselves starved for options at iftar time. Moreover, ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, diners have been extra cautious for reliable and hygienic eating options.

In the quickly evolving food landscape of Lahore, Allspice (@getallspice) hopes to stand out from its competitors, as a pioneer in accessible and healthy food for the average Lahori. They draw inspiration from cuisines all over the world, refining the local customer’s palette. Their menu boasts a wide variety of cuisines including, Middle-eastern inspired wraps and shawarmas, American-style fried chicken wraps, pizzas, salads and much more.

“Surprised to see this gem still undiscovered by many foodies.”

Customer review

Allspice can be described as healthy, as the owner claims, for its commitment to bringing fresh and premium quality food to all its customers. This takeaway and delivery joint is unique from its competitors in that it has committed itself to provide delicious food with fresh and healthy ingredients.

“If you need fresh and hygienic fusion food this is the place to eat!”

Customer review

While in conversation with the owner of Allspice, it was clear that they were sourcing fresh produce for their recipes and were devoted to sticking to the healthies alternatives for their food. “Our sauces are unique because we are the only one of our competitors to use olive-oil based sauces for our food” said the owner. 

Allspice is described as accessible, simply because of how economical it is. One would be hardpressed to find another restaurant providing healthy eating options, like Allspice, at their competitive price ranges. Typically a 7-inch wrap could go for as low as 250 rupees. A remarkable rate especially considering their premium quality ingredients.

The produce: Allspice believes in fresh produce, with the highest quality meats and vegetables used in all their recipes. Which explains the mouthwatering taste of everything on their menu.

The bread: their handmade bread is baked in the kitchen right after your order has been placed, for the fluffiest texture. 

The sauce: Their sauce is olive oil-based for optimal flavour while never compromising on a healthy eating experience, which will certainly have you come back for more.

“Amazing food with great value for money. The Ingredients are always fresh and the fact that they use olive oil in their food, adds a lot more taste and is surely much healthier than other options available in the market.”

Customer review

When asked how they manage to maintain such competitive rates despite the premium quality of their ingredients, the owner plainly stated that “We have compromised on our margins but we never compromise on the quality of our ingredients”, which really is a novelty, where one would otherwise experience a steep decline in the quality of the food, as an eatery gains popularity.

“It has the best customer support I have ever seen here in Pakistan.”

Customer review

Allspice’s devotion to their customers does not end there. Their team demonstrates a consistent focus on providing the ultimate dining experience with the best customer service. Customer satisfaction is one of their defining values as a brand, which has garnered them a loyal customer base, displaying the strong relationship of trust they have with their patrons.

“Amazing food. The best wrap in Pakistan, love the freshness and the flavours.”

Customer review

When asking the owners, what they would recommend first-timers to order from their menu, they were quick to suggest their wraps. The owners personally recommend trying the Persian wrap if one prefers their grilled options. Alternatively, if one is inclined towards a more decadent and heavy wrap, the owners recommend trying their Frispy wraps. Filled to the brim with fried chicken fillet, in one of their three signature sauces.

Allspice will make for your perfect partner during this pandemic, providing cuisines from all over the world to your doorstep. Promising a safe and reliable dining experience, with the utmost consideration to providing a fresh and healthy diet to their customers.

Check them out here.

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