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Lahore High Court Rules Ali Zafar’s Tears To Be ‘Very Real’

Lahore High Court Rules Ali Zafar’s Tears To Be ‘Very Real’


Last week in an interview with Shahzaib Khanzada, Ali Zafar, who wants everyone to know he has worked with ‘beautiful Bollywood actress’, got very emotional when the issue of his alleged inappropriate behaviour with women was brought up.

Ali Zafar promptly started crying on national television.

The internet at large wasn’t buying it. Memes and tweeets similar to these started popping up. Lots of them. Enough to trigger Ali Zafar to go to the court again.

The alleged harasser has had significant success with the courts before, and a research at ProperGaanda HQ revealed that in almost all cases men are favoured over women so it made perfect sense for the still not defamed media person to head for the court to prove his tears.

“We have heard the argument presented by this dashing young looking man with a very fair complexion, and find his moist tears to be very real,” stated a court representative.

The court also urged Meesha Shafi to pay a fine of 50,000 for making a famous man cry on television.

A lot of men have also declared their support for Ali Zafar. Some say they find it easy and fullfiling to root against a woman.

“It seems natural to hate on Meesha Shafi,” said a local boy who has been very active in the comment section of news pages.

“We have men crying on telivison. What’s next, men in skirts? Tobah!,” a local Maulvi who didn’t know what the incident was about but was briefed about the crying incident stated.

Ali Zafar has also urged PEMRA to take action against those who are making fun of him and his tears.

“I publicaly urge PEMRA to remove content which is trying belittle my feeble tears” – Ali Zafar

On the question of Ali crying on numerous occasions, Ali said he doesn’t cry often but when he does he makes sure it’s for an important cause and people get to know about it.

Disclaimer: The above is a work of fiction.