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Timeline: 100 Days of Kashmir Lockdown

Timeline: 100 Days of Kashmir Lockdown


Since the abolition of Article 370 on August 5th, effectively ending it’s autonomy, Kashmir has been facing a lockdown with strict curfews, violence against protesters and growing tensions between India and Pakistan. Here’s a timeline on the series of events leading up to the #100DaysOfKashmir.

August 2nd: Indian authorities advised tourists to leave the disputed region citing ‘terror threats’ while dispatching reportedly around 25,000 military reinforcements to valley.

August 3rd: Pakistan claims India fired illegal cluster bombs, which are banned under the Geneva Convention, killing two civilians and wounding 11 others in it’s portion of disputed Kashmir. India has denied these claims.

August 5th: Tensions escalate in Muslim majority Kashmir as the Indian government revokes Article 370 thereby stripping Kashmir of its limited autonomy and statehood. Following this is a lockdown which includes the deployment of thousands of troops, some 500 leaders arrested and Kashmiri’s essentially cut off from the rest of the world

August 6th: The European Union, OIC and Turkey urge Pakistan and India to reduce tensions. China claims that the Indian government’s moves harm the sovereignty of the disputed territory while the Indian parliament approves the repeal of Kashmir’s autonomy.

August 8th: Pakistan announces that it will ban Indian movies in theatres.

August 9th: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres calls for restraint in Kashmir and urges the neighbouring states to resolve the matter peacefully.

August 9th: India’s Bharatiya Kanata Party (BJP) leader lands himself in controversy after stating that Indians from outside Kashmir can now marry women inside Kashmir. Indian police halt protests in Kashmir. Pakistan stops train services to India.

August 13th: Indian Apex Courts approves crackdown in Kashmir on security grounds and communications blackout in Kashmir continues. Approximately 69 activists write a letter to Indian PM Modi urging for an end to the lockdown.

September 5th: Amnesty International begins campaign against Kashmir lockdown

September 10th: Pakistani Foreign Minister expresses fear of ‘threat of accidental war’ accusing New Delhi of turning Kashmir into the ‘largest prison in the world’.

September 13th: Pakistani PM Imran Khan holds Kashmir rally in Pakistan-administred Kashmir saying India’s crackdown could lead more Muslims into extremism.

September 26th: US President Donald Trump claims he is willing to mediate on Kashmir if Pakistan and India want him to

October 1st: Malaysia, Turkey and China raise the Kashmir issue at the 74th UN General Assembly

October 27th: Pakistan denies Indian PM permission to fly through their air space due to ‘ongoing grave human rights violations’ in Kashmir

October 29th: UN human rights office expresses grave concern over the Kashmiri population being denied a wide range of human rights

November 12th: Top resistance leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani puts pressure on Imran Khan to respond to India’s ‘unlawful annexation’ of disputed Kashmir by dissolving Tashkent, Shimla and Lahore agreements.

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