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Karachi’s air quality improves by 39% amid lockdown imposed to curb coronavirus

Karachi’s air quality improves by 39% amid lockdown imposed to curb coronavirus


According to the Sindh Environment Protection Agency, the coronavirus lockdown has greatly improved the air quality in Karachi. 76 samples collected from 6 districts in Karachi revealed that the lockdown had caused an improvement of 39% in air quality. In addition, there was also a 40% reduction in noise pollution levels.

The improved air has been a fresh breath of relief for residents in the urban metropolis. In particular, residents with respiratory illnesses such as asthma reported that they could breathe much better due to the cleaner air.

The reduction in air pollution means that there is less risk for people developing diseases related to it. The Head of Department for Pulmonlogy at Indus Hospital, Dr. Sohail Akhtar outlined the adverse risk air pollutants such as carbon monoxide have on human beings’ health.

“Many lung diseases, including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), happen because of daily exposure to air pollutants,” he said. “Research on asthma patients has shown that although a person’s genetic disposition plays an important role in the development of these diseases, environmental pollution is also one of the main factors, particularly in bigger cities.”

Speaking on the coronavirus situation, he instructed individuals to take care of their immune system, should they happen to catch the virus. He urged people to keep their lungs in good health, by first and foremost quitting smoking.

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