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Karachi University students say they barely escaped what could have been another ‘motorway incident’

Karachi University students say they barely escaped what could have been another ‘motorway incident’


While the media has been banned from airing news about the motorway incident, many other cases of harassment are coming forward and making headlines. On Thursday alone, news broke that a 2 year old girl, Zainab, had been found dead after alleged assault in Peshawar.

A few hours later, a public post by a student of Karachi University of harassment and intimidation of students on campus gained traction, causing concern and anger on social media.

The case surfaced on Wednesday night, when a male student, who had been accompanying two female friends in a car, shared his ordeal on social media. As per the students statement, the three friends were traveling within the KU premises to drop one of the female students at the IBA hostel. On the way back from the hostel, the remaining two students were surrounded by around 10 young men riding on four motorcycles. The harassers reportedly continued to follow the car, kept hooting at the female student and at one point even forced the car to stop, before the driver of the vehicle was able to break free and reach a security check post.

In his post, the student wrote they both felt extremely unsafe, describing the ordeal as “another possible Motorway incident” in his post. 

Security advisor of Karachi University, Dr Moeez Khan, took notice of the case saying he regretted that such an incident took place on the university campus and the alleged harassers involved in the incident had been identified last night. He said the victims will have to identify the harassers in a parade so that the university can take the case further. He said action will be taken “in accordance with the law”.

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