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Karachi: Rs100,000 Award For Citizens Who Turn In Litterers

Karachi: Rs100,000 Award For Citizens Who Turn In Litterers


The Sindh Information Minister Saeed Ghani has said that the provincial government will award Rs 100, 000 to anyone who ‘films and identifies people discarding garbage’ on Karachi streets.

Ghani gave the media two mobile numbers which people can send videos to through WhatsApp. The numbers are: 0300-0074296 and 0300-0084296.

The minister is clearly dedicated to the cause; he told reporters that he had personally witnessed people purposely dumping heaps of garbage on roads and said that those who “claimed that they have inherited the city” were polluting Karachi. He believes the incessant littering is a conspiracy against the cleanliness campaign.

He has promised anonymity of those who complain against litterers.

According to him, the government has had to bear extra costs because of garbage choking sewerage lines and water pipes that were broken on purpose.
He added that in addition to garbage, debris was also dumped on roads, which was a crime.

Last week, the Sindh government initiated a cleanliness campaign dubbed Clean My Karachi after facing criticism over failure to clean the metropolis.

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