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K-P Schoolgirls Expected To Adorn Burqas

K-P Schoolgirls Expected To Adorn Burqas


In a Mardan village, a PTI politician takes it upon himself to purchase and circulate burqas among schoolgirls

The Village Councillor Muzafar Shah bought a number of burqas totalling to Rs. 100,000 and distributed them to students of Government Girls Middle School Cheena free of cost.

Ā ā€œI had decided to purchaseĀ chadarsĀ for the female students, but after consultation with local leaders, I bought theĀ burqas,ā€ Muzafar Shah told a private news source.

The local politician said his decision was influenced by the recent order given by K-P CM Adviser on Elementary and Secondary Education Ziaullah Bangash, referring to schoolgirls expected to observe pardah.

Bangash had made it mandatory for K-P government school female students to cover themselves inside the institutions in mid-September, and it was meant to first come into effect at Haripur; however, CM Mahmood Khan had retracted the order hours later, saying it had been issued without the government’s approval.

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