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“Judy” gets honored at the Oscars again

“Judy” gets honored at the Oscars again


Last night was arguably the most satisfying Oscars in a long time. From Parasite historically winning best picture, Juaqin Pheonix winning best actor for his magnificent performance in Joker, to Renée Zellweger winning for Judy Garland’s biopic. It’s fair to say that the Oscars rewarded craft and not individuals.

Zellweger was the favourite for the 92nd Oscar award for best female actress, but faced competition from Saoirse Ronan in Little Women, Cynthia Erivo in Harriet, Charlize Theron in Bombshell and Scarlett Johansson in Marriage Story.

Her movie “Judy” is set mostly in the last year of Garland’s life, as she tries to rebuild her career with a series of concerts in London. It shows the struggles Judy had to go through after being born a star. The biopic was focused on how she struggled for normal life with her children, and how showbiz kept pulling her back in.

The film also stars Finn Wittrock and Rufus Sewell (playing two of Garland’s husbands, Mickey Deans and Sidney Luft) and Michael Gambon as promoter Bernard Delfont.

In her speech, Zellweger gave a list of people she admired, including Garland, Scorsese, Harriet Tubman and “our first responders” and said “our heroes unite us and inspire us to find the best in ourselves.”

Zellweger made an almost clean sweep of the major awards this season, winning best actress at the Baftas, Critics’ Choice and Screen Actors Guild awards, and the Golden Globe for best actress in a drama.

(Original Caption) Judy Garland as she appears in the title role of her newest starring film for Metro-Goldwyhn-Mayer, Litlle Nellie Kelly. The new film is directed by Norman Taurog, produced by Arthur Freed

Although, the movie was majorly flawed as it failed to articulately establish the empathy that Judy deserved, the stunning acting carried it to shore.

They focused on two major parts of her life; her starring in the wizard of Oz which is one of her most popular movies, and her residency in London. Whereas, her contributions to the entertainment industry were much more than just those times. And if explored more, were arguably tougher times of her life. The movie took jumps between the Judy Garland of 1939 to the Judy Garland of 1969. Whereas, one of her iconic movies, A Star Is Born, that released in 1954 was left unexplored.

Judy Garland’s biopic lacked the emotional potential for the icon which may have been the reason for the movie to not do as well as its competition. Needless to say, Renée Zellweger still shone in her role; her passion for the role shows and is rewarded by the critics largely across the globe.

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