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Journalists protest in Islamabad demanding justice for dead colleague


Journalists protest in Islamabad demanding justice for dead colleague


Reporters and media personnel staged a demonstration on Thursday in front of the Ministry of Information for protest against delayed salaries, especially in light of the death of a colleague, who had not been paid for 10 months.

“Why hasn’t the government paid its dues? Why don’t journalists receive their salaries on time? Who is responsible for the financial death of media workers and their families?” they asked during the protest.

What does restriction on media says about democracy?

The fundamental right to seek and disseminate information through an independent press is under attack, and part of the assault has come from an unexpected source. Elected leaders in many democracies, who should be press freedom’s staunchest defenders, have made explicit attempts to silence critical media voices and strengthen outlets that serve up favorable coverage. The trend is linked to a global decline in democracy itself: The erosion of press freedom is both a symptom of and a contributor to the breakdown of other democratic institutions and principles, a fact that makes it especially alarming.


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