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Italy opens work visas to Pakistanis after a 2 year cease

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Italy opens work visas to Pakistanis after a 2 year cease


What’s the news: Pakistan has been included in the list of a select few countries to which the Italian government has opened up more than 30,000 work visas for the year 2020-21.

Why it matters: For the last 2 years, Pakistan was omitted from the ‘Decreto Flussi’, which is an immigration inflow program that recruits non- European Union (EU) nationals to Italy for its seasonal and non-seasonal work visas. Italy is home to the largest Pakistani diaspora in the EU and are credited with sending remittances upwards of $142 million during the 2019-2020 fiscal year. Hundreds of Pakistani nationals are expected to find employment under agriculture, construction, freight and tourism sectors.

Who is responsible:  The Pakistan embassy in Italy has worked hard to reinstate Pakistan into the list after the outcry of Pakistani workers.The embassy has been active throughout the pandemic period, working full capacity in Milan and Rome aiding and facilitating undocumented Pakistanis to acquire legal status through a scheme launched by the Italian government in June. Over 18,000 undocumented Pakistani workers have registered and sought amnesty through the scheme. The efforts of the Embassy have helped fostered growing employment opportunities for Pakistanis seeking employment in Italy.

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