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ISPR Defends Army Chief’s Stance In Meeting With Tycoons

ISPR Defends Army Chief’s Stance In Meeting With Tycoons


The military’s media department has issued a statement about the trending meeting the Army Chief Gen had with powerful business tycoons a while ago

According to sources, tension at the dinner table conference escalated when General Qamar Javed Bajwa was unable to provide a satisfactory response to the businessmen’s demands from the government.

Since there were no official reporters present, speculation on what was discussed during the event can only be taken as word of mouth.

In attempt to address the rumors the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) reports Bajwa had responded by telling them that the country’s “improved internal security environment” has “created space for increased economic activity”.

The ISPR went on to inform that the discussions in question were held “to bring stakeholders on one platform to formulate recommendations for a synergistic way forward”.

Their press statement clarified that the businessmen had laid forth their objections to the Chief Army General in the presence of the government’s economic team, as many civilians had been inquiring why the chief was approached and not the economy managers.

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