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Is music streaming giant, Spotify, finally coming to Pakistan?


Is music streaming giant, Spotify, finally coming to Pakistan?


On the evening of the 15th of November Pakistani music lovers discovered a verified Instagram account for Spotify Pakistan. The account has no posts yet, and Spotify has not officially commented on their potential entry into the Pakistani market either. However, the verified Instagram account has garnered a lot of buzz on Pakistani social media, it has already amassed 14.4 thousand followers despite zero posts. Many Pakistani music lovers, particularly K-pop fans, are delighted at the possibility of Spotify coming to Pakistan and took to Twitter to express their joy. While others are speculating that Spotify will be short lived in Pakistan owing to the government’s propensity to ban things. 

Spotify is a Swedish music streaming platform that currently operates in 92 countries. It is one of the most popular music streaming services in the world, as it has a library of over 50 million songs and the company stated that it adds 40, 000 more everyday. Spotify also has more than 700, 000 podcasts available on its platform. The music streaming service has 320 million users worldwide, of which a 144 million are Spotify premium users which is their paid version.

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