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Iran and Saudi Arabia inching towards better relations

Iran and Saudi Arabia inching towards better relations


Saudi Crown Prince: While speaking to Al Arabiya TV, the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman has stated that they want good relations with their ‘arch rival’ Iran to push the Middle East to prosperity. He stated that it is pivotal that the two nations work towards better ties so that hurdles can be eliminated, and be global partners. 

Secret talks between the two giants: This statement has come just 2 days after reports emerged that top Saudi officials had talks with Iran officials in Iraq to repair relations. Saudi sources denied these reports but Iranian officials stated that ‘its always a welcome affair’.

Iran’s statement: The Iranian Foreign Minister made a statement two days after the Saudi Crown Prince’s statement. Iran said it appreciated the change in tone from the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan reaction: Pakistani PM Imran Khan appreciated the move and said that he welcomes the KSA for their initiative to better relations with their winners. He said that it would signal better relations for a strengthened  Muslim Ummah. 

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