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International Pakistani Students Send Support To Student Solidarity March

International Pakistani Students Send Support To Student Solidarity March

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Pakistani students from different universities across the globe are sending their support to the students marching at the Student Solidarity March across Pakistan today.

Students across Pakistan will be taking part in the Student Solidarity March happening across campuses in the nation today.

Students across the nation have come together under the banner of the Pakistan International Students Alliance to protest against the ban of student unions in Pakistan.

In an open letter to the government, the Pakistan International Students Alliance said that the ban on student unions has ‘not only significantly restricted the ability of students to politically mobilise themselves and silenced their political voices, but also prevented students from campaigning on issues crucial to their well-being such as campus safety, fee hikes, accommodation security and many others’. The letter has been signed by almost 40 various student body’s including those of Harvard University, Cornell University, McGill University and the National University of Singapore.

The objective of the Student Solidarity March is to improve education and academic environments. One major demand is the lifting of the ban on students forming unions. Organisers have said that if this is not achieved, they will take the matter to court.

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