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Rape Victim’s Guru Opens Up About The Rape Allegations Against Kami Sid

Rape Victim’s Guru Opens Up About The Rape Allegations Against Kami Sid


This is a developing story and we will update you as soon as possible.

Transgender model and rights activist, Kami Sid, has been accused of rape, sexual misconduct and of threatening people to conceal facts about sexual harassment by her.

According to our sources, Kami Sid took in a then 15 year old Sana to live with her and her boyfriend, Sid. After leaving her house, Sana found refuge in a Guru, who would eventually confront Kami about the situation. According to our sources, Kami went to the Guru, refusing to apologize, but handed the Guru a bag full of money (RS. 10,000). The Guru interpreted that as an admission of guilt and hush-money.

More evidence was revealed to us, including another victim who says that Sid, Kami’s boyfriend, would sexually harass her, sometimes even in front of Kami. She recounts one time they were all watching a movie, and Kami may have fallen asleep and Sid persistently tried to approach her, sexually. Even after she said no. The victim goes one to say that Kami was more than aware of this behavior, even going as far as to make jokes about how when she was away, the victim would have to “take care” of Sid for her.

A video has also surfaced in which Transgender activists are asking for justice to be served for their fallen sister. They say that Sana has not only been raped, but murdered. Her alleged murderer is awaiting trial, and the Trans community wants justice to be served. She goes on to say that no one within the Trans community took up her murder case because of the allegations she had leveled against Kami. They want justice.

This all started with a social media post by a user Minahil Baloch, in which she asked people not to support ‘rapists even if they make it to Cannes 2019’. She added, “Rapists don’t belong to any cis-gender. Rape knows no gender”.

Kami, on the other hand, has been celebrating the success of her short-film ‘Rani’ making to Cannes this year. Although no names were taken in the Minahil’s social media post, she later shared screenshots of her conversation with Kami, in which the model is threatening her for defaming her through the post on social media. This has led to multiple different sourcing coming out and sharing the story in defense of Minahil Baloch. Most recently, Transgender Activist Reemal Khan and Bindiya Rana spoke on the issue. Both called out the Women’s Actions Committee for not handling the case properly.

These allegations has been known for some time now. Aurat March released a statement which said impart, “We have been aware of these allegations and members of our group have also been subjected to Kami’s bullying tactics. We removed Kami as an organizer of the Aurat March due to these very allegations and we stand in solidarity with those who have come forward with their allegations of sexual violence.”

We have tried to reach out to Kami Sid, however we have gotten no response. Kami did respond to Images, saying, “There is a group against me. People’s personal agendas are involved. There’s nothing else I can really say. Now people from my committee will speak up. I have a calm temperament and I am a Trans woman, people should understand how Trans individuals have been oppressed in the past and in the present. If people want to say these things, well, that is their right.”