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Indulge in pure summertime bliss with these 5 local businesses selling fresh fruit popsicles

Indulge in pure summertime bliss with these 5 local businesses selling fresh fruit popsicles


Only a few summer treats are as iconic as the ice pop. These frozen desserts remind us of our childhood. Hot days, a rainbow of colours dripping down our arm while trying to lick the popsicle: it is pure bliss. To make you reminisce about your childhood, we have curated a list of healthier versions of these popsicles. 

These 5 popsicle bars make the yummiest, most healthy real fruit popsicles and deliver to your doorstep in Lahore.

1. Ice Bear Pops

Ice Bear Pop (@icebear_pk) has milk-based and water-based pops. Water-based flavours include Falsa and Lemon & Mint and cost Rs. 150. When you want to cheat on your diet, indulge in their milk-based flavours that include Nutella, Coconut n’ Cream, Belgian Chocolate, Strawberry n’ cream and Espresso flavours. All of their milk-based flavours range from Rs. 195 to Rs. 220.

Get this icy treat here!

2. Popcycle 

Popcycle (@popcyclepops) promises to have 100% real fruit bars. Their aim is to provide high-quality ice popsicles which are jam-packed with fruits. Most of their popsicles provide over half of your daily required fruit intake. Their unique  flavours include Strawberry & Thai Chilli, Blueberry Swirl, Raspberry & Lime, Khatta Meetha Falsa and Straight up Blackberry. 

You can get these delicious goodies for Rs. 200 to Rs. 250 here

3. Iseepop

Iseepop (@iseepop) is one of the oldest players in the icy pops game. They use wholesome and fresh ingredients to make all-natural popsicles that give your taste buds a swing in healthy treats. Each of their popsicles costs around Rs.150 to Rs. 200. Their flavours include Lemon Kiwi, Orange Fresher, Pineapple Delight, Starberry Lemonade, Banana & Peanut Butter and Falsa. 

Check iseepop here!

4. Le’Natural Ice Cream

Le’Natural Ice Cream (@lenaturalicecream) very recently started stocking real fruit popsicles. Each popsicle is immersed with fresh fruity goodness and costs only Rs. 200. They promise to not incorporate preservatives and artificial colours in their ice cream to enable customers to experience organic flavours. The array of flavours include Frenzy Falsa, Poppin’ Plum, Margarita, Slushy Orange, Pine Punch, Berry Burst, Peachy Pop, Citrus Blast and Mango Madness. 

Indulge in fruity heaven now by clicking here!

5. PopBar 

PopBar (@popbar.pk) has an exciting range of all natural ice lollies. If this venture sounds familiar, you must have spotted them at Lahore Eat’19 where customers were raving about their lollies. PopBar does fruit popsicles as well as ice cream bars. The price of each popsicle ranges between Rs. 160 to Rs. 250. Flavours include Blackberry & Raspberry, Cherry Falsa, Strawberry Blueberry, Pure Pomegranate, Strawberry Lime Pineapple Mint and Mixed berries. 

Check them out now here!

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