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Indian youtube channel livestreams Eid photos of Pakistani women and ‘rates’ them, passing lewd comments

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Indian youtube channel livestreams Eid photos of Pakistani women and ‘rates’ them, passing lewd comments


The internet and social media aren’t always safe for women, be it unwanted messages, unsolicited pictures or outright harassment. This latest incident is just one event of many and was first called out by a Twitter user who goes by ‘K’ to protect her identity.

What happened: A video titled, ‘Pakistani Girls Review’ was live-streamed by the Youtube channel ‘Liberal Doge‘ that has more than 80K followers in which they shared pictures of Pakistani women on Eid, without their consent, passing lewd comments and sexualising them. The description of the video in Hindi read, “Today, we will stalk women with our eyes filled with lust.” The video has since then been made private, but the channel is still up and running on Youtube.

Twitter reactions: The video was first called out by a Twitter user, ‘K’ who tweeted:

While speaking to a news agency, ‘K’ said, “Their stream was specifically for abusing and sexualising Pakistani women but after seeing my tweet against it, they discussed it on their livestream too and abused me. The comments section of the stream soon turned vile with disgusting things like men sexualising women even more, and making fun of me. But the men hosting the stream continued to laugh about it all.”

What’s next: The YouTuber’s account was traced by a few Twitter users to the eastern Indian state of Jharkhand. Hemant Soren, the chief minister of Jharkhand, has publicly asked the police to investigate the matter. 

Indian activist Saket Gokhale said she had identified another man in the video, asking police in the state of Bihar to take action.

In return, Gokhale was threatened in a YouTube community post by the account owner that he will “tear him [Gokhale] apart” if any action is taken against him.

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