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Indian Tabloid Mistakes “Alhamdullilah” as Atif Aslam’s Baby’s Name


Indian Tabloid Mistakes “Alhamdullilah” as Atif Aslam’s Baby’s Name


While we’ve all been happy over the news of Atif Aslam’s baby, an Indian tabloid has been busy mistaking the baby’s name as Alhamdullilah.

In an article covering the news of Atif Aslam’s baby, the tabloid Desi Martini, mistook Alhamdullilah as the baby’s name. The title of the article read: Atif Aslam and Wife Welcome Second Child, Names Him Alhamdullilah.

Now perhaps this might have been a grammatical mistake. We all get our punctuation wrong all the time. However, we believe that’ll be the case for this one. Because the site originally reported that Atif Aslam named his son Alhamdullilah after seeing his caption.

All Muslims or like minded people when read that same caption, they didn’t mistake it for the baby’s name. Lets just call this incident what it really is. Ignorance. And ignorance for a publication of any level is not okay.

The tabloid however, did apologise for misunderstanding Atif Aslam’s caption. The writer of the article took to twitter to reply to a comment on the silly mistake. She wrote: In retrospect, this is the silliest and one of the worst mistakes I have ever made. But as soon as we realised, we made the change. Too late though.

Yes it was too late. The fans had already started to call out site on twitter and other social media platforms.

The official account of Desi Martini also posted about the mishap, taking accountability and notifying that the mistake is there no more.


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