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Indian Supreme Court bans stubble burning to tackle rising air pollution

Indian Supreme Court bans stubble burning to tackle rising air pollution


India’s supreme court has banned stubble burning citing it as one of the major contributors to the deteriorating air quality in the metropolis.

This week, a public health emergency was declared in India following air pollution levels reaching an all time high. As a result of this, India’s top court has put a restriction on the act of stubble burning saying residents are ‘losing precious years’.

This decision was reached due to petitions filed by activists claiming that the act of burning crop stubble was a massively adding to the low air quality. As a result of this, burning stubble surrounding the country’s capital has been indefinitely halted.

Although the act of burning stubble was illegal to begin with, many farmers claim they have no option.

Furthermore, judges have warned that the entire administration and police force would be held accountable if anyone were to be found violating this.

In the colder winter season, it is common for smog to appear in India as cooler air traps stubble smoke as well as car fumes, factory emissions and construction dust close to the ground. This poisonous mix not only makes breathing difficult, but can also cause long term damage to eyes.

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