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India used Israeli spyware to hack into PM Imran Khan’s phone

India used Israeli spyware to hack into PM Imran Khan’s phone


What happened: According to reports, at least one number used by Prime Minister Imran Khan was targeted by the NSO Group and its Pegasus malware that India used to spy on Pakistan. The malware is capable of switching a phone’s camera or microphone on and attaining its data.

Details: According to a report by Israel’s Haaretz, India targeted a phone which was earlier in Prime Minister Imran Khan’s use, through pegasus. Several Pakistani officials, Kashmiri freedom fighters, Indian Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, an Indian supreme court judge were also targeted, it added. Furthermore Pakistani private channels stated that India even tried to tap the federal cabinet members’ calls and messages through the spyware which forced the Pakistani government to develop new software for the federal ministers.

Yet, no newspaper report has yet confirmed if the attempt to hack the Prime Minister Imran’s number was successful. Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry has expressed concern on the report and said the unethical policies of the Modi government have “dangerously polarised India and the region”.

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