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India to skip Asia Cup if venue is Pakistan

India to skip Asia Cup if venue is Pakistan


The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is clear that while it has no problem with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) hosting the 2020 edition of the Asia Cup. The venue however, needs to be a neutral one as travelling to the neighbouring country isn’t an option at present.

“The question isn’t about the PCB hosting the tournament. It is about the venue and as things stand now, it is quite clear that we would need a neutral venue. There is no way that an Indian team can visit Pakistan to even participate in a multi-nation event like the Asia Cup. If the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) is ok with an Asia Cup minus India then it is a different ball game. But if India is to participate in the Asia Cup, then the venue cannot be Pakistan,” the BCCI official remarked.

Should sports be political?

Politics and sports have been intertwined for some time. The introduction of the modern Olympic games were meant to bring countries together. Countries would learn to compete together, work together, and harmonize. It’s not always been like that, but those were the original intentions. In 2018 when India was hosting the Asia Cup and visa issues arose for the Pakistan’s team, the venue was changed to UAE. Will the same thing happen this time too?


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