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In pictures: Here’s how you can unlock your iPhone with Face ID while wearing a mask

In pictures: Here’s how you can unlock your iPhone with Face ID while wearing a mask


While iPhone users can still unlock their phones by entering their six-digit passcode, that process is less convenient. Hence, people usually prefer using the Face ID. However, unlocking iPhone with Face ID during coronavirus times has become difficult. But there is a way around to it.

Researchers at Tencent Xuanwu Lab have discovered how to train Face ID to recognise users who are wearing masks.

First, reset Face ID on your iPhone.

Open your iPhone’s Settings menu, scroll down to Face ID & Passcode, and enter your passcode when prompted. Then, press the “Reset Face ID” button. 

Photo: Business Insider

Then, take your face mask and fold it in half. Hold it up so that it covers one side of your face.

When holding the mask over one side of your face, make sure it’s positioned on that half of your face as it would when you’re wearing the mask fully.

Photo: Business Insider

Now it’s time to re-enroll in Face ID while covering half of your face with your mask.

Open your iPhone’s settings menu, type in your passcode, and press “Set Up Face ID.”  Turn off “Require attention for Face ID.”

Photo: Business Insider

Follow the on-screen prompts to register your face with Face ID.

Make sure your nose and mouth are visible on the uncovered portion of your face. This might take some time but you’ll eventually get there.

Photo: Business Insider

Then, put on your mask fully and try unlocking your iPhone.

Photo: Business Insider

Getting this right will take many attempts. So, a better alternative is to just change your privacy setting and go with the password.


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