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In an apocalyptic world these 13 things will ensure your survival

In an apocalyptic world these 13 things will ensure your survival


If the past year has taught us anything,  it’s never believe that anything is impossible. This is for the people who disregarded “Coronavirus” in their books, as unimportant. It’s time to get a little serious. You never know, the next time World War Z just might come knocking at 2021’s door. So, ultimately, it’s best to be prepared and have a survival kit sitting by the door in case of emergencies. 

Here are 13 things you need to add to your “Apocalypse Survival Kit” because you’re the next apocalypse’s Brad Pitt.

1. A leather jacket to make you look like the main character

Life may not usually favour you, but isn’t it always the underdog that comes out on top in these kinds of things? So, buy a leather jacket right now from Leather 4001 (@leather4001) and make sure to get a unique color to make it easier for people to cosplay as you in the future! Maybe a bright shade of red?

Get your leather jacket here even though it’s 40°C in most areas of Pakistan for 8 months of the year.

source (@leather4001)

2. You’re going to need something to clean up the mess you make

You’re going to need tissues and lots of them. All that blood, gore and brains? If you don’t faint immediately, after seeing all this (because Pakistanis see blood and whoop there goes their blood pressure), you might want to get some wet wipes too. Fine Tissues (@finetissuespakistan) will help you stock up on this wonder product before D-Day.

Buy yours now before the apocalypse hits and the Americans go crazy for toilet paper.

source (@finetissuespakistan)

3. Something better than knives to help you kill all the zombies

The apocalypse has hit, zombies run free and you suddenly know how to shoot a gun. Normally you can’t even throw trash into the dustbin, but now you’re going to need something to shoot with. The Entertainer Pk (@theentertainerpk) has got you covered with their X-Shot Hawk Eye Blaster!

Buy your toy gun here because A) we do not promote violence and B) zombies have rights too!

source (@theentertainerpk)

4. A cool dude needs cool sunglasses

You very well can’t have the sun shining in your eyes when you’re trying to murder zombies, can you? These sunglasses from Eyeglasses Pakistan (@eyeglassespk) will keep the sun away from your eyes and make you look like the coolest character ever. Because no one is more iconic than Salman Khan’s character in Tere Naam.

Find some for yourself here or lose your “Most Stylish Zombie Slayer” award.

source (@eyeglassespk)

5. You’re going to need something to put all your personal belongings in

If you’re going to be on the run then your belongings need to be on you at all times. Imagine having zombies attack your camp but you have to run back and get that last picture of a loved one that you have saved for angsty reasons. Vintage Street Pakistan (@vintagestreet.pk) sells this cute waist bag (read: Fanny Pack) with multiple compartments to store all kinds of things!

Shop yours here or just deal with the fact that you’re just not going to have an elaborate backstory.

source (@vintagestreet.pk)

6. A little something to help you with communication because it is in fact key, just ask your ex

Realistically, no one besides your network or your mom calls you, but when the apocalypse hits you’re going to need something to contact people with. These Long Range Portable Walkie Talkies from Toy Zone (@toyzonepk) are the perfect solution, because they’re not as expensive as real walkie talkies. Sure you want to survive but you don’t want to go broke doing it.

Get yours here otherwise how will someone caution you about incoming zombies.

source (@toyzonepk)

7. Sleeping under the stars? No, thank you.

You’re going to need something to sleep in because no matter how much you want to be, you aren’t Bear Grylls and mosquitos will definitely bother you. Get a tent from Teepees and Tents Pakistan (@teepeesandtentspk) so that you have a roof over your head even in the midst of the end of the world. It’s recommended that you get a fancy version because who said you can’t have nice things in the apocalypse?

Shop here for yours and save yourself from sleeplessness.

source (@teepeesandtentspk)

8. A kit for all your physical injuries, the mental scars will just remain untreated

You have to take everything that you see in these apocalyptic movies with a grain of salt. You will not find a doctor roaming around aimlessly and you will also not suddenly become an MD. The best thing to do would be to buy a first aid kit from Dawaai (@dawaaipk) to treat all your wounds. It would also be best to start researching how to actually use a first aid kit.

Get yours here and stay uninfected guys!

source (@dawaaipk)


Listen, just because everyone is dying and the world is coming to an end, doesn’t give you an excuse to have stinky feet. You need to keep your shoes fresh and your toes fresher. Socks from Comfy Socks Co. (@comfysock.co) are exactly what you need to have in your survival kit. They even have ones that are performance specific, perfect for all the running you’re going to do.

Gets yours in BULK here!

source (@comfysock.co)

10. Zombies can survive on brains but you’re going to need some food

No matter how much you want to, you cannot survive by raiding grocery stores for Masala flavoured Lays. You’re going to need some healthy product to keep you fit for zombie emergencies. The best way to go about it would be to get some vegetable seeds from Happy Seeds Shop (@happyseedsshop.com) and plant some food for yourself.

Buy your seeds here and invest in a How To Grow Produce for Dummies book as well!

source (@happyseedsshop.com)

11. You’ll definitely need a diary to vent

A zombie apocalypse is not good for your mental health, so you have to be prepared in the event of a shortage of therapists. Journaling, or writing down your feelings in a diary, is the best possible way to go about it. These leather back journals from Jild (@jildcraft) fit the apocalypse aesthetic and will give you a way to vent.

Say goodbye to all that pent up frustration and get yours here!

source (@jildcraft)

12. It’s important not to fall asleep on the job

Imagine you fall asleep on patrol and zombies invade the camp and kill all your friends. How will you live with the shame and guilt? To avoid that, buy an excess of coffee beans so that you stay wide awake and alert. Bean س (@beanscenepk) offers quality coffee beans in different roasts so that you don’t have to compromise on flavour.

Shop your “STAY AWAKE” juice here!

source (@beanscenepk)

13. You can’t pack a bunch of clothes but you must pack underwear

It’s not possible to change your clothes everyday but you can switch out your underwear. It’ll help you maintain a level of sanity in an unsanitary world. Buy some underwear in bulk from Trot (@trotwear) and make sure they’re the first item you put in your survival kit for the sake of everyone else around you as well.

Men, shop yours here! Women, you have already thought about this!

source (@trotwear)

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