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Imran Khan Urges the Nation to Throw Away Purani Jhandiyan in Naya Pakistan

Imran Khan Urges the Nation to Throw Away Purani Jhandiyan in Naya Pakistan


As Khan gears up to take the oath of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, he has called on his party and the nation to throw away ‘Purani Jhandiyan’ and buy new ones with better graphics and style. According to inside sources, Khan and the party want to make sure this Independence Day will be known as the day when Pakistan transitioned into Naya Pakistan or as Friends fans might call it “Pakistan Pivots”!

The 65-year-old upcoming premier, Mr. Khan urged everyone to throw and dismantle purani jhandiyan as it’s supposedly reminiscent of days when he was just a loser.

“Naya Pakistan is going to be nothing like it, no donkey’s or opposition, only me and only winning”

– Khan allegedly exclaimed to his party workers in a closed-door meeting.

When Propergaanda asked PTI members to confirm, one said;

“Bhai Batao Punjab Kon Jeeta!”

According to party sources, Khan wants everyone to be in the Naya Pakistan spirit and nayi jhandiyan will play a big role in it.

“He wants us to believe in Naya Pakistan, and only then can we achieve Naya Pakistan. Just like you saw in KPK, even if it is not happening just saying that it is makes a lot of difference” – Fawad Chaudry tells propergaanda.

According to a PTI press release the nayi jhandiyan will have Naya Pakistan stamps on it, and a transparent Jinnah picture which will show a shadow of Imran Khan holding the world cup trophy.

Though yesterday evening Imran Khan himself came live on Mubassher Lucman to give a clarification on the issue and gave a passionate rebuttal to the haters.

“People said promising to rid corruption in 100 days was stupid, I didn’t listen. People said my dharnas were pointless and time consuming, I didn’t listen. People said if I hear same mainstream corrupt politicians, I will never win, well we all know what happened there. So Mubasher let people call it stupid, change always seems stupid at first but history and spirt of Jinnah is on my side. Naya Pakistan Inshallah. Also, Pak Fauj Zindabad”



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