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Imran Khan makes surprise visit to areas of capital ‘without protocol’

Imran Khan makes surprise visit to areas of capital ‘without protocol’


What Happened: Prime Minister Imran Khan visited different vicinities in the capital without protocol on Sunday. He visited G-11 Markaz and talked to vendors asking them about how the business was. Furthemore he also visited the sewerage plant in I9 and the Korang cricket ground. The honourable premier did all of this without any visible protocol and he drove his vehicle himself. 

Interactions: The PM visited the carts placed by the government in the Ehsaas Rehri Baan project, and communicated with various vendors about business conditions. He also encouraged all of them to adhere to SOPs and social distance. He requested one vendor to put a facemask on the child with him too. 

He was also briefed about the project plans of the I9 sewerage plant and the Korang Cricket Ground.

Praise: Senator Faisal Javed Khan, who accompanied the PM on his visit said that Imran Khan was setting an example for everyone to follow. He conducted this visit without any VIP protocol, security arrangements, and followed every signal and traffic rule. 

Reaction: Pictures and footage of the visit have gained traction on social media, with many expressing their views on the visit.

A video also emerged of a ‘samosa’ vendor being really happy at the interaction and joyous at the fact that the PM took out time for the public.

Before coming into power, Imran Khan vehemently opposed the VIP culture and closure of roads for special movements.

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