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Imran Khan calls for action against hoarding essential items

Imran Khan calls for action against hoarding essential items


The Prime Minister has ordered a crackdown against the hoarding and smuggling of essential items during the pandemic.

Prices of consumer items have surged as a result of panic-buying and hoarding.

“Strict action should be taken against those involved in smuggling and hoarding of essential items,” said the Prime Minister in a meeting.

What steps will be taken to prevent this hoarding?

Khan highlighted that there was a need for better coordination between the federal and provincial governments in order to monitor the situation daily and remove any obstacles that might be faced in the prevention of these acts. He also called for honest officers to be appointed in areas where this kind of crime was prevalent.

The Prime Minister also advised authorities to partner up with spy agencies in order to tackle the problem.

“Services of intelligence agencies should be sought to curb smuggling of essential items,” he advised.

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