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Immi K pens a letter to his dad, thanking him for all his help

Immi K pens a letter to his dad, thanking him for all his help


Disclaimer: The following is a work of satire, learn to take a joke. If this hurts your feelings, please don’t reach out to us.

Dear Dad,

Hope you are well. We couldn’t meet this weekend and you didn’t pick up my call yesterday so I thought I’ll just reach out to you the old traditional way. Since you’ve been helping with things more and more, I seem to have most of the time to myself so I’ve started reading again.

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I suggested 40 Rules Of Love to the country, not sure if you’ve read it as yet, it’s like really good. I’ve been planning to hit the library more and more this year. I know you’re going to be busier and busier as that toad has started speaking again, but don’t worry I know you will get us out of it.

Anyways I’ll be in the library if you need my help with anything, I’ll be sending another recommendation soon 🙂

Also just one small suggestion if you don’t mind, I was thinking if you find it in your heart to go easy on the taking prisoners and stuff. Anyways see you soon hopefully.


The son you never had


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