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Immi K pens a letter to his dad on banning TikTok


Immi K pens a letter to his dad on banning TikTok


Disclaimer: The following is a work of satire, learn to take a joke. If this hurts your feelings, please don’t reach out to us.

Dear Dad!

Hey hey! Hope all is well. So today they banned TikTok and when I asked, they were like I should speak to you. Lol like why would I need to, you know, take any permission…haha…but I thought I’ll just, you know, get in touch regardless.

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Also now that we are talking about it, I’m sure whatever you’ve recommended must be right. It’s just that Bushra has started using TikTok very frequently these days, and well her and I actually have this page – where she’s obviously in her burqa and they only show my body below the face and we take part in these challenges.

I think you’ll like it, we’re also thinking of a #banchallange. Don’t worry, they don’t know it’s us, they just think it’s some conservative rural hick with his wife clad in a burqa! Haha if only they knew it’s the other way around…hahahah….

Anyways I know you’re busy busy man so I’ll let you keep you at it.

Regards, The son you never had

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