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I’m a LGS alumnus and Lawyer and I pledge to fight harassment cases for you in court

I’m a LGS alumnus and Lawyer and I pledge to fight harassment cases for you in court

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An open letter to the A Levels admin of LGS 1A1,

My name is Urmana Chaudhry. I’m a lawyer by profession. I’m a human rights lawyer, a trained mediator and an activist. I’ve worked with different NGO’s including Asma Jehangir’s law firm; I am penning this open letter to the A Levels administration of LGS 1A1, for and on behalf of the students.

Recently, there has been an uproar against sexual harassment cases in Pakistan, targeting faculty members. As a Grammarian, a coordinator and a law teacher at a well reputed University in Pakistan, I condemn the inappropriate acts being committed by the teachers at LGS. 

However, at this point, I would like to redirect the attention of the victims/students who have or are willing to take an action against the harassers. The actual parties to be liable are not only the harassers but also the employers. As per the law and morality view, the employers and administration are vicariously and jointly liable for the pain caused to the students. With testimonies on record and evidences available, it saddens me to share that the mental trauma caused to some students has made them unable to function in society due to the neglect of their institutions.

A testimony of my client is as follows, which I am sharing with her consent, “The head of Lahore Grammar School 1A1 A ‘levels admin, has maligned students and has even tried to control their minds. The favouritism culture has devastated the meritocracy notion. Students from strong financial backgrounds, siding with the faculty’s ill-activities are favoured on various platforms e.g. grades, social events sponsorship funding (Grammathon) and ranks of authority. The rebels are mostly belittled. 

Today, the victims have chosen social media platforms to voice their grievances. This in itself shows how strong the educational institutions have grown as a mafia. I humbly request my fellow grammarians and other student-victims to unite and come forward in order to make the perpetrators accountable for their actions and the admin for their gross negligence for the past years. To protect the future of our coming generations, this mafia existing in our society has to be held accountable.

Message from Advocate Urmana Chaudhry to students:

You may send me any questions or your personal experience of harassment/any sort of gross misconduct on my email id (urmanach@gmail.com). I can assure you, your identity will remain confidential. 

I’ll be beginning our legal battle on behalf of my client, by sending a legal notice to the administration of LGS-1A1, Lahore, for their gross negligence. I and many others will ensure that the perpetrators are dealt under the law. 

Disclaimer: The views and opinions represented in this article belong to the author alone and do not represent the views and opinions of ProperGaanda.