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#IAmPashteen movement trends on Twitter in retaliation to racist advertisement


#IAmPashteen movement trends on Twitter in retaliation to racist advertisement


Commentators on social media came out in support of Manzoor Pashteen chief of Pashtun Tahffuz movement after a controversial advert by Nashpati called Pashteen an extremist.

The video by Nashpati Prime was made against racism but had few elements of certain stereotypes against the Pashtun community. The girl shown in the video used words like “short-tempered” and “extremist” to define the Pashtun community, however, the boy in response to her extremist comment says that not every Pashtun is like extremist Pashteen.

The video went viral and started trending on Twitter where many social media users called out the advert for targeting the Pashtun community.

PTM leader Mohsin Dawar also tweeted in support of the movement saying, “Such blatantly racist vitriol against Pashtuns is not new. We experience it firsthand every day. Demanding rights for our people, demanding justice, and demanding an end to atrocities committed against our people does not make us extremists.”

Ziauddin Yousafzai, father of Malala, urged PEMRA to take action against the video. He wrote on Twitter “Disgusting. This sophisticated profiling of peace-loving Pashtuns as extremists is highly condemnable. Must take notice of it.”