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I made my friend try Zen Skincare for a week and this is what happened

I made my friend try Zen Skincare for a week and this is what happened


Natural and organic is the next big thing in the skincare industry. People have now understood that a product doesn’t have to contain iffy ingredients in order to work. Men’s skincare is almost always neglected when it comes to revolutionising products. Usually, these items come in black plastic tubes with the charcoal grey minty product inside that tingles the skin. Why does men’s skincare have to be so harsh? It’s time for men to go natural as well. Don’t worry, we’ll not make you put your mother’s holy grail yoghurt and honey face mask on (although it will help). 

Zen Skincare (@zenskincarepakistan) is Pakistan’s first ever natural skincare brand for men. 

Their products are completely chemical-free, skin-friendly and contain all natural ingredients such as nutrients rich botanicals, minerals and essential oils. Impressed by their products.

I convinced my friend to give Zen a try for a week.

He’s habitual of using typical brands available for men like Nivea, Dove and Garnier, so he felt like a perfect ‘guinea pig’ for my going-natural-skincare-wise experiment.

If you’re also thinking about switching to natural skincare, keep reading to find out how his week went. 

1. Marble Bar


Before use
Purpose: Applied to wet skin, a detoxifying face-and-body cleanser removes dirt, sweat and pollution particles. 

His Experience: He normally uses Garnier Charcoal Face Wash to cleanse his face 2 to 3 times a day. He did worry at first while using the Marble Bar (Rs. 800) because soaps are generally harsher on the skin as compared to face washes but with each wash, over the week, the bar became his favourite product. It felt almost the same as his favourite face wash but a tad bit better as it improved his oily T-Zone.

“It worked well on my T-Zone and my face felt perfectly balanced between dry and oily”. Another plus factor was its scent, it didn’t smell too musky. The Marble Bar was a win for him. 

After use

2. Face, Hair and Body Wash 

Before use
Purpose: Applied to wet hair, face and body, a pH balance natural hair, face and body wash, helps cleanse and detoxify the skin. 

His experience: He has mixed feelings about Face Hair and Body Wash (Rs. 1,800). Although he thinks the packaging is very high quality and 3-in-1 is an ingenious idea as it will be much more convenient to pack while travelling, the fact that the same product will go on his hair, face and body is a bit disturbing for him. He says he prefers having a separate product for all three of these areas, as they all have a different texture.

He liked the fact that it didn’t lather up a lot, even with a loofah, which means it doesn’t contain any harmful sulphur containing products.

He believes that this product might not be suitable for dry skin, as his skin feels excessively dry after each use. It became mandatory for him to apply a body lotion to stop his skin from being flaky. 

After use

3. Shampoo Bar 

Before use
Purpose: Applied on wet hair, all-natural fortified shampoo bar, cleanses, conditions and protects hair 

His experience: For him, it’s most difficult to come up with an ideal routine that will make his hair less frizzy and more manageable. Before using the Shampoo Bar (Rs. 1,100), he did mention that it’ll be inconvenient to use it in the hostel where he shares his bathroom with other flatmates.  

“Obviously bars are more difficult to use than regular shampoo bottles, they get mushy with time but it’s a great alternative to the traditional plastic bottles that are harmful to the environment” 

The great thing is that the shampoo perfectly matched his existing hair routine. In fact, it made his hair softer and tamed them. Moreover, using harsh shampoos made his hair lose shine, but with the consistent use of the Shampoo Bar, he felt the shine returned. 

The only downside to this product was its scent. He believes it was too strong for his liking. “This strong scent lasts hours and even my bathroom smells of it all day long, which is a bit too overpowering for my liking”. 

After use

This was his first time using all-natural skincare products and he said “it feels great knowing the fact these chemical-free products aren’t harming my skin and hair in any way”. When asked if he’d like to make a switch he answered that these products are a bit too expensive when compared to other available products but he will consider switching to the Marble Bar as it suits his skin type better than other face washes.

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