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This Is What Happens When Someone Who Has Never Seen Game Of Thrones Watches The Most Anticipated Episode Ever

This Is What Happens When Someone Who Has Never Seen Game Of Thrones Watches The Most Anticipated Episode Ever

Hussain Saeed

When I joined Propergaanda, I knew I’d be working on projects that were going to be exciting. Working at an online news and media company is not your typical 9-5. Hell, it’s not even a 9-5. But you get to work on so many different types of projects, so you can never really be bored. Works always fun. However, I’d never thought I’d be asked to watch an episode of a show for work. But here I am. As the only member of team Propergaanda to not have seen the show, we’d thought it would be an interesting idea to see what someone who hasn’t seen the show thought about it.

So a couple of disclaimer. I may not have seen the show, but
I do live in our modern world. So I have an idea of what the show is about. I
know who the characters are, I have an idea of the storyline, I know who people
like and don’t like and so on. But you never know unless you watch. So let’s
get into it. Also, I suggest if you haven’t seen the newest episode, THEN

General Thoughts

Truth is, it wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. This episode is the second last of arguably the most popular show of our time. You’d think the episode would pack a punch. Especially one about a battle. But I can write that off simply because I haven’t seen it. Otherwise, there was a lot more violence than I thought. I knew it’s a show that doesn’t shy away from graphic content, but you’d assume after one eye-gauging, the show wouldn’t do another. Also, side note, what is up with that bodyguard of Cersei’s? Is he a zombie?

It was great battle sequence though. And I’m glad they decided to attack during the day. Because I heard about the last battle being too dark. It was well shot, and not exactly what I was expecting out of a fantasy show. Besides the dragon, which was a great addition to it all, it felt real. So that was a great part of the experience. So overall, good experience. But wasn’t as good as I’d wanted. Most of the people who watch the show talk about the characters involved in it. I know who people like, and don’t like, and I have some opinions.


I guess when you watch just one episode, you cannot get the
whole experience of the character. But I must say, most of the fan-favorites
disappointed me a bit. Arya, for example, was hyped up so much that I felt so
hurt by her just running around this episode.

 This is what assassins do during
war, RUN?

I’d just made no sense to me at least, because wasn’t she
the person who killed the Night King? I just feel they misused her a bit. Another
side note, where was Sansa? And Bran? And Brienne?  

Also, another character that got on my nerves a little was
Tyrion. I know, he’s literally everyone’s favorite. But he was pretty much scheming
this whole time. He got his friend killed (why he got killed, I have no idea),
and betrayed his queen (I still don’t know how).

Clearly something big happened last episode that caused such dire ramifications,
but without that context, he just comes off as someone who wants control all
the time.

 Which to be fair, is
okay. Look, I know he was trying to protect the people, but by what I could
gather, his scheming ways are what got him and them in this mess. But then
again, I haven’t it so what do I know?

Cersei was the biggest disappointment though. She was literally just standing there the whole time. Is this the ruthless leader of the seven kingdoms? THIS? I know she’s not a fighter, but she could have planned better. Or something. And her ambiguous fate at the end was not okay. Is she dead? And if so, is this how you kill her? It’s just, when you hear about a mad queen, you want to see one. Speaking of which…

Mother of Dragons- Mad Queen?

Now I heard about the Dragons. I heard about Daenerys. But I
did not expect to see such wrath from the mother of dragons. And I was so
happy. Everyone’s complaining about how they’ve rushed making her go crazy or
something (and something about flipping a coin), but it was fun to see her in
full bad@#$ mode.

Especially with her dragon, destroying that fleet. I don’t even mind that
she killed all the civilians.

I enjoyed all the action. Even when she was hitting on John and he rejected her, her reasoning was interesting. How he was more loved, and how she must rule with fear. How she knew why Sansa did what she did. Daenerys came off as smart. It was exciting. But I did feel like she did make one big mistake. Why didn’t she just go to the main building where Cersei was and just attack? What was stopping her, especially after the city was burning.
Side note, I found out while putting the photo’s up for this that they are related, so now feeling a little weird about that scene.

Random notes

I have no opinion of John. He’s just there. Jaime was interesting, but a little boring. I think how okay everyone is with him and Cersei being intimate is way too weird. Just the fact that everyone was like, “he’s going to the women he loves” is all so nasty. And she’s pregnant, which doesn’t make it any less weird.

Can someone also explain what Cersei’s bodyguard is? And why is he arch enemies with Arya’s bodyguard, Sir Davis? I wish I knew more about that. Also, only one person of colour on the show? What happened there? Why were there random green flames when the city was burning? Like the CGI for the Dragon was great, what happened with the fire?

Also, final side note, is everyone related? It felt like this could be set
in Pakistan. Every battle is like eid, “oh so you’re my cousin?”


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