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HUM TV employees forced to work in coronavirus-infected building

HUM TV employees forced to work in coronavirus-infected building


HUM TV workers have reportedly been forced to continue working in a coronavirus-infested building in Karachi. The building was previously sealed off due to an infected person in the finance team, which led to the entire department contracting the virus. However, it has since been reopened and employees are expected to show up to work. Despite being infected, the finance team continues to work due to the fear of losing their jobs.

Investigative journalist Annam Lodhi revealed this fact in a series of tweets. The tweets have since then been deleted, but continue to be published through other sources – with her consent.

She revealed that the heads of HUM TV had forced the employees to work in conditions where they were at high risk of contracting the virus. “The heads, Momina Duraid and Duraid Qureshi were well informed of the danger but forced their employees to work from the infected office,” she said.

The staff is now supposedly unable to leave the infected offices, for fear they might pass the virus on to their families. “Just because the company cannot and will not bear financial loses, they risked the lives of their loyal employees. The cherry on the top is that most of the staff is deprived of on-time payment forget compensation for their efforts and sickness,” Lodhi stated.

There are also reports of other news agencies such as GNN and Channel 24 contracting the virus. The Channel 24 management has reportedly instructed their employees to not leave their offices for 12 days.

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