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How I went from an occasional smoke to pill-popping and hard-partying

How I went from an occasional smoke to pill-popping and hard-partying


Disclaimer: Cannabis and other drugs can be addictive and may have adverse effects on health. The drug is illegal in Pakistan.

I did my FSC from a very small town. I’ve been smoking cigarettes since 10th grade, but drugs and parties were not really my thing back then. The only thing we did end up doing for fun at parties at the time was sheesha.

It all started when I moved to Lahore and started meeting new people in my class. Most of them used to smoke cigarettes. As we started to get to know each other, we eventually decided to go to the Emporium Mall to hang out. While we were eating one of the guys uploaded a story of us. After just 5 minutes we received a call from one of our classmates who we had never even seen since he had only attended one class.

So he said “I’m at Nishat hotel, you guys should come”. Initially we thought it was a joke since the hotel cost Rs. 30,000 per night, but eventually we decided to check it out. When we got there, the room was filled with the smell of charas. The guy asked us to hurry up and come inside and we saw there were two people in the room. One of the guys was on a pill and he was dancing like crazy.

So while we were talking, one of the guys pulled out a packet of charas and started mixing. Two of my friends started smoking and asked me to join but I refused and just smoked a simple cigarette.

After that we left and started hanging out with them more and more in classes. The next week, one of my friends said he wanted to smoke and we decided to go to the same guy. He took us to Model Town Park. It’s a public park, but it was pretty dark then and there were already a lot of guys smoking.

We ended up visiting that guy everyday and he became my friend too, but I managed to resist the peer pressure and never smoked charas.

So at New Year’s, the guys said they were going to party. This time I decided to smoke as well. We rented an apartment in Bahria Town and went in at 2 pm. The other guys did pills while I smoked charas. When the music started, we danced till 6 in the morning non-stop.
Then we had to go straight to university because we had class at 8.

So by now I had started smoking charas occasionally. Then eventually I moved onto pills. The night before the Solis Festival, we called the same guy asking for pills. He asked us to pay online and after we did, he called us near Liberty. He said his supplier had faced some issue but he’d get us the pills. We all were annoyed and worried because without the pill, Solis simply was not worth it.

We sent two of our guys in the morning and finally after 2 hours they managed to get the pills. Then we left for Islamabad and hid the pills in the steering wheel cover. We smoked throughout the trip. After we reached Islamabad, the guys gave me instructions not to eat before the pill. I listened to them since it was my first time.

Clearing the security at Solis was not an issue since they weren’t even looking for drugs. We went in and took the pill. I was both excited and scared, but soon I realized everyone – I mean everyone – was on some kind of drug. Even the girls were high. The tracks started and I tried to dance but I really couldn’t so we went to the back and I told the guys. They told me to smoke charas again and we smoked together in the back, and then the music ended up stopping. It felt like hell when that happened since I was on the pill.

Then suddenly there was chaos. The stage fell down, police came in, and people started shouting at the management. Soon, fighting started.

It was at that moment that my pill started reacting so we got out quickly, went to our cars and started dancing in the car. It was an amazing feeling. We didn’t really have a place to go since everyone was leaving so we just started driving randomly. I was dancing like crazy in the car, with windows down and head out. We had no fear and ended up at Margalla Hills at 2AM. We stopped our car and danced at every view-point.

We met some people who were also from Solis and danced with them for some time. We then called one of our Solis friends who had a place we could go to. We continued to dance like crazy and at 5AM we left Islamabad. We were in no shape to drive, but we did. The pill began to wear off and we were really tired and didn’t say a word on the way back.

When we reached Lahore and went back to our places, I was tired and hungry but had to travel again in a few hours. I tried sleeping and eating, but I couldn’t and felt like a zombie. The effects stayed for a few days. The experience was amazing but the ending was unexpected.

Either way, I’ll still do it again if I get the chance.

The above piece was submitted to Team ProperGaanda by a student who wishes to remain anonymous. The views expressed in this article are solely their own and do not in any way reflect the views of ProperGaanda. 

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