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How honest is the new Coca-Cola ad?

How honest is the new Coca-Cola ad?


Coca-Cola is known for making family oriented ads and the most recent one is no exception.

In the ad, a family is portrayed having dinner. However, the young son of the family is more interested in his phone and thinks that friends are more important than family. But it only takes the bottle of Coca-Cola to open and everything is okay again. The son has all of a sudden bonded with his family, and he realises that family is best.

Watch the ad here.

Is Coca-Cola really the solution to all problems?

Though it can’t be denied that a bottle of Coca-Cola is necessary when it comes to food, but does it really has the power it holds in the ad. Do families who rarely talk to each other bond over a soda drink? The ad is obviously exaggerated. Because a 1 litre drink is not enough to erase all the family trauma a kid has been through. Parents don’t just sit back and stare at their children when they’re clearly ignoring them. All in all, the family in the ad is as far from a true desi family as Pakistan’s chances are of turning into a secular state.


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