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This Pakistani athletic wear brand uses ‘real people’ as models and it actually makes sense


Having strong core values can entirely alter a brand’s journey, which is exactly why Pakistan’s fastest emerging athletic wear brand, Iron Gear, pays special attention to them. The founders focus on using real-life people for campaigns, earning customer loyalty through different policies, coming up with new products regularly, and trying out new products themselves before launching them. Through all these measures, they’ve managed to take up the market share of the athletic wear industry in Pakistan that once belonged to corporate giants.

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Source: @irongear_fitness

Iron Gear’s social media accounts set it apart from other brands, whether national or international. They post content that displays their customers actually in their natural habitat; the gym. An interview with the founders revealed that they do so actively for several reasons. This ensures that the customers know exactly what they’re purchasing as all these pictures and videos are unedited. Moreover, the clothes they manufacture are targeted specifically at fitness junkies and athletes so if models, who don’t hit the gym as often, are used to market the clothes, it simply won’t do them justice. Finally and most importantly, they aim to motivate people to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle. By showcasing actual people working out, it would encourage existing fitness enthusiasts to continue with their journey and influence others to join the party.

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Source: @irongear_fitness

Another distinctive value of the brand is its multiple policies and activities that are in place to achieve customer satisfaction. For instance, if a customer is not satisfied with their purchase or if the actual product is not exactly what they thought they were purchasing, they are offered a 100% refund. They also offer discounts regularly so that it is possible for everyone interested to purchase their products. Similarly, they hold giveaways to show their appreciation for their loyal customers. 

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Source: @irongear_fitness

Normally clothing brands come up with two collections, summer and winter, and that keeps their customers bay. However, Iron Gear is constantly innovating and putting out products every week. Since it is run by athletes, they are well aware of the impact working out vigorously has on clothes. Therefore, this is their attempt at providing fellow athletes with the newest and most work-out friendly clothes. Their production process involves brainstorming ideas, prototypes, testing those prototypes, making any required adjustments, and bringing those products to life with different colors.

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Source: @irongear_fitness

The brand has a ‘no PR’ policy as it aims to make sure that actual athletes try out the product so that the required adjustments can be made. The founding couple and their friends and family who are into fitness try out the products before they are launched. They use maximum exertion and washes as a test for the product’s quality.

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Source: @irongear_fitness

With the help of these active efforts, the brand is on its way to expansion within a span of merely two years. They will be launching their protein-packed cookies and kids sportswear soon so stay on the lookout for that. This shows that since its launch, it has turned from a side business into a fully up-and-running passion project. These core values have allowed Iron Gear to attract, satisfy and retain customers at a staggering pace.

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