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Here’s why the second wave of Covid-19 is more dangerous than the first

Here’s why the second wave of Covid-19 is more dangerous than the first


What is happening: Pakistan has recorded nearly 15,000 cases this month alone, giving credence to health experts’ warnings about a second wave of the novel coronavirus. The number of active cases has reached 24,938 

Back In September, the number of cases dropped to less than 300 but in October cases again started increasing due to which the National Command and Operation Centre (NCOC) officially announced that a second wave of the virus had arrived in Pakistan.

What experts are saying: In an interview with The News, Leading pulmonologist Dr Shazli Manzoor says a new COVID-19 strain does not show up in tests, is very severe and lasts longer than in the previous wave. “The virus has mutated and its lethality has increased in Pakistan.

The specialist said that it was currently the flu season, and a COVID-19 attack along with the flu becomes a very deadly combination. According to him the next eight to ten weeks were very critical and it would be a great challenge for the health system to bear the brunt of new coronavirus patients. During this time, preventive SOPs have to be enforced to the maximum possible extent.

It’s deadly for children now: The number of school-age children with coronavirus has risen “significantly” in the second wave compared with the first. From around the time, a rising number of children have been testing positive for coronavirus. 

The health department recorded 1.12 percent positivity in schools on Oct 16 when the random testing began. But it reached two percent on Nov 16. According to the reports, 1,881 Covid-19 cases have registered in schools.  And the number of cases is increasing daily.

What authorities are doing: On Nov 11, the NCOC suggested an early and extended winter vacation in schools to reduce impact of the disease spread and ensure safety and health of students

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