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Here’s a wild sequel to the last Jinn story

Here’s a wild sequel to the last Jinn story


The last Jinn story ended with a cliffhanger about the family selling the house so we brought you an update.

‘If you guys read my last jinn thread you’d know about all the different shit that used to happen in our old house. We all shifted about 3 weeks back. And that land doesn’t even have a hint of those houses anymore. It’s all broken down and cleaned.’

Twitter user continues her story

My aunt used to sit in her baramdah in the mornings, had her breakfast there and also watched us leave for work. One morning, before we’d left for work, she saw a huge, man? Thing? Enter the gate of the compound, walk towards her house and disappear behind a pillar. This same aunt’s granddaughter, whenever she’d come here, started having dreams where someone would be staring at her, in the same room where she slept. One time, her younger sister says she actually saw someone standing over her elder sister’s head, staring as she slept as soon as the thing felt her younger sister staring, it slowly turned its head toward her and she closed her eyes out of fear. One time, her granddaughter even got slapped for sleeping in her grandfather’s spot on the bed (who passed away 10 years ago, 2011).

They started hearing loud fart-like noises

There was also one who used to make fart sounds under the chikoo tree (this isn’t a joke), almost everyone who passed through there, heard that noise. On the second last night before shifting, a lot of cousins came by to stay. The room they stayed in is right beside that tree the room was stark emptied cuz everything from it, even the fan, had already been shifted to the other house. When everyone went to sleep, they started hearing loud fart-like noises (who knew fart sounds could be scary) also, only 3 people could hear the sounds because it was sitting right beside them, the other two were farther away and couldn’t hear a thing.

One of the goats died during the night

The dude who bought the land is well aware of everything that happened in the place and all the entities that were present. So the night all of us left, 16th December 2020, he brought a moulvi to recite surah jinn loudly and give adhaan. And also 4 goats to sacrifice. While the moulvi was doing his recitation, the builder’s eldest son started getting really sick and had to run away from there to start feeling better. They tied the goats there to sacrifice the next day, but one of the goats died during the night. Although, it was a particularly cold night so it could be due to the weather. That doesn’t stop everyone from believing something might have killed it.

This thing has been seen by multiple relatives who lived on the land

But this is where the fun starts. My khala’s son could see jinns on this land. They shifted to their new house back in March, and ever since my cousin hadn’t seen a single jinn neither did anyone else in their house. 10 months no jinns for them… until we shifted in December. All of these incidents happened ever since we shifted and the moulvi confirmed the jinn had left the land. In my khala’s house, my cousin’s wife said they heard someone knock on their room door, a few nights ago. When cousin went to check, no one was outside but, his wife felt someone sit on the bed beside her, she couldn’t see anyone but she clearly felt the mattress go down the way it would when someone sits. The wife also saw some entity in her dream (the description was extremely scary). When she spoke about it with her husband (my cousin) in the morning, he confirmed it was this same thing he’d seen on that land. This thing has been seen by multiple relatives who lived on the land. The aunt I spoke about, her daughter was once trying to scare someone due to which she said ‘mere parosiyon ke jinn aa kar issko le jao’ at this moment she literally saw a shadow of someone who jumped outside her window. The shadow she describes is the same physique my cousin’s wife saw in her dream. When she opened the window, there was no one outside (this happened in our old house pls don’t get confused)

‘humara ghar tor dia hai, ab hum kahan jayenge. Humein apney pas le jao’

Continuing to cousin’s new house being haunted since the land became non existent last month. My cousin stays awake late and his room is right beside my khala’s. He heard some muffled cries in the middle of the night. Went to check up on khala, she couldn’t speak cousin switched on the lights and khala started talking again and said a really small looking thing was choking her quite badly. Ran away when cousin entered. This happened last week. Also, the same cousin saw the old land in his dream last week. He says he saw 5 of the jinns standing one that land saying ‘humara ghar tor dia hai, ab hum kahan jayenge. Humein apney pas le jao’

As soon as she’d look up from the laptop, it’d disappear.

The same cousin’s bhabhi, who lives on the upper floor in their new house, was coming downstairs when she felt a child hug her from behind. When she turned back, no one was there. All three of her children were above and the cousin’s son is three months old he can’t walk (duh) My sister also saw something in her dream a few days back that she doesn’t remember right now. At that exact moment, she felt her face burn as if someone had brought fire near her (we all know what jinn are made of don’t we) also, in the last few weeks when aunt saw that thing, my parents were busy overlooking renovations in the new house so my sister would often be alone at home. She says, one day, she could see out of the corner of her eye that something entirely black kept staring at her and as soon as she’d look up from the laptop, it’d disappear.

She covered her eyes and pretended to fall asleep

I remember something else, my niece could see jinns in the old house. Previously, we only knew of a kid she used to play with no one else could see. Last week, she came to our house and my eldest khala also came after a while, as soon as my niece saw my khala, she covered her eyes and pretended to fall asleep for a while before starting to play again. We thought she’s just trying to be dramatic (she has the tendency) but later, my mom realized she may have remembered something from the old house when she saw my khala. There used to be an old lady’s jinn too on that land. Mom says my niece may have seen that lady and so, when she saw my khala, it triggered the memory of that lady, making her cover her eyes.

Because we know she used to see a child, maybe the same child the old lady was speaking about in cousin’s dream. They say the child always hung out near my khala’s kitchen. The child my niece played with. But she also saw a lot of other things that she was really scared of. One of those could be this lady, who according to some reports of people who saw her, had eyes that seemed slanted and slit vertically.

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