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Here how Gulf’s love affair with Israel is mounting pressure on other Muslim States

Here how Gulf’s love affair with Israel is mounting pressure on other Muslim States


This year has been a rollercoaster ride for the world in every aspect. From raging pandemic to social unrest, we have witnessed superpowers struggling with basic health policies and due election process. But one thing which became the highlights of Muslim world was the salacious romance between the Gulf states and Israel. Just a side note, Israel is the same state which has occupied Palestine for about 70 years now. According to the human right council, Israel has committed numerous war crimes and human rights violations vigorously. But maybe these horrific realities were not enough for the Gulf state before they enthusiastically recognized Israel as a sovereign state.

It is important to register that the struggle for normalization of Israel-Muslim state relation has a long recorded history. There are a series of pacts and meetings held during the past 70 years by different world leaders to actually make it happen. Of course it requires some serious ignorance to neglect the pain and misery Palestenians are going through, fortunately Muslim world is doing a pretty good at it now.

This normalization process has two phase; first phase required Gulf state to recognize Israel as a sovereign state, second phase is urge other Muslim state to do the same.

Where it began: In 2010, Israel’s then-infrastructure minister, Uzi Landau, from the extremist and racist Israeli party Yisrael Beiteinu, was invited to attend an Abu Dhabi-based renewable energy conference, becoming the first Israeli minister to visit the UAE capital. More officials would follow in 2016 and 2018

In fact, 2018 was an auspicious year for UAE investment, as this was when the Trump administration rewarded the UAE for its ongoing relations with Israel and approved a 50-year contract for the UAE company Gulftainer to operate and manage a port in Delaware. On 15 August, 2020 UAE officially signed the Abraham Accord with Israel to start a new era of profit and trade

Betrayal to Palestine: Since the announcement of the new normalisation agreement on 13 August, the UAE has been criticised for “betraying” the Palestinian struggle. Defenders of the UAE jumped in to claim that Palestinians were ungrateful for all the support the Emiratis had provided the Palestinian resistance over the years.

Back in 1985 Gulf state sat down with authriteis of Palestinian uprising which led to the Oslo Accords. Eventually this ended First Intifada and intensified Palestinian Authority (PA) collaboration with Israel thus Palestinians were no longer seen as a threat. 

But all of this changed during Arab Spring in 2011. The internal threat to Saudi Arabia and others became real again. The struggle was now between Saudi Arabia and the UAE, who supported the Arab dictatorships, and Qatar, who supported the Muslim Brothers in a number of Arab countries. 

The UAE and Saudi Arabia were more cautious, and believed that the fall of any Arab dictatorship could spell the end of their rule. This revolutionary fiasco changed Saudi Arabia and UAE behaviour towards aspiring democratic countries. 

What about other Muslim States: Recently Prime Minister Imran Khan claim about the pressure to recognize Israel came to attention in mainstream media. Though PM spokesperson denied such claim, saying that 

Islamabad will never recognize the “Zionist” state until a “just” settlement of the decades-long Palestinian issue.

On Monday, reports came out that the hub of Muslim world’s sentiment, Saudi Arabia is cosing up with Israel as crown prince Muhmmad Bin Salman met Benjamin Netanyahu in Nemo, Saudi Arabia.

This news is not big of a shocker for many analyst as Muhmmad Bin Salman (MBS) is pretty famous for wild decisions for instance, killing Washington Post journalist, Jamal Kashoggi, sending his 11 cousin in golden detention palaces or buying the most expensive painting in the world for $450 million (which expert believe is fake Leonardo Di Vinci painting) 

Some of us still want to beleive that there is no way other Muslim states will recognize Israel and sell their loyalties for profit, well it’s a optimistic thought but not entirely realistic. Among all of these opportunities of profit and consensus these Muslim states are consciously ignoring this normalization process as a threat to Palestinians struggle.

This silence will be remembered. 

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