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Here are 7 probiotic alternatives to Lassi for Sehri this Ramadan

Here are 7 probiotic alternatives to Lassi for Sehri this Ramadan


Your body is home to numerous types of good bacteria that are crucial for human health. These bacteria improve digestive health, brain health, immunity and many other bodily systems. Doctors recommend that adding probiotics to your diet is one of the ways to keep them thriving. With Ramadan going on, we often forget to take our vitamins and supplements. Probiotic drinks are a perfect solution for that. Replace your regular Rooh Afza drinks with one of these healthier alternatives to quench your thirst and keep your body healthy. 

Here’s a list of local businesses making probiotic drinks including Kefir, Kombucha and much more:

1. This Karachi based business now delivers to all major cities of Pakistan 

Healthy Gut (@healthygutskhi) is a pioneer in the craft of Kombucha and Kefir. Their range of offerings include black tea in strawberry, ginger, lemon, rose and more, organic coffee, kefir in regular and coconut milk and aqua kefir. The price for a pack of 6 is Rs. 4,000. 

Karachi Customers can opt for a monthly subscription and avail 10% off

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2. This business offers fermented water kefir to anyone based in Karachi

B.gutsy (@b.gutsy.pk) change their list of flavours depending on the availability of seasonal fruits. Currently, they are offering 4 drinks: Immunity Boost, Orange Pop, Tropical Fusion and Berry Punch. 

The price for a 500ml bottle is Rs. 750 but subscribers get 25% off 

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3. This business provides organic cultures in the capital city 

Malote’s Ville (@malotesville) is a continuation of the founders’ grandfathers’ shop on Murree Road, Islamabad. Their probiotic product line includes milk (cow and buffalo) kefir and water kefir produced from any citrus fruit. 

They offer custom orders as well.

The prices for both types of kefir is Rs. 300. 

Visit them here!  

4. This business delivers milk, water kefir and probiotic dips to anyone in Lahore 

The founder of Ansaam Healers (@ansaamhealers) says he witnessed an improvement in his own health since he started using probiotics. 

They don’t add flavours in milk kefir as it damages its microbial community. 

On the other hand, their water kefir comes in flavours of whichever seasonal fruit is available such as strawberry. 500 ml bottle of water kefir costs Rs. 150. 

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5. This business provides probiotics cultures including drinks all over Pakistan

Kefir Pakistan (@kefirpakistan) has an array of probiotic cultures including yoghurts, milk kefir and water kefir. 

Their Kombucha Scoby is a starter culture that can be added to any sweet tea to turn it into soda like kombucha. 

It comes for Rs. 4,000. 

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6. This business provides kefir, kombucha and kvass nationwide

The organic shop (@instaorganicshop) is based in Lahore but provides a nationwide delivery.

Apart from drinks, they also do probiotic sauerkraut and kimchi.

The price ranges from Rs. 250 to Rs. 700.

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7. This business delivers probiotic foods all over Pakistan

Saura Foods (@saurafoods.pk) deals with all kind of probiotic foods. 

Lahori’s can find their products at The Organisch Defence.

When it comes to drinks, they make milk kefir, water kefir and kombucha in several flavours. 750 ml bottle of kombucha is priced at Rs. 600. Currently, they are offering to deliver drinks only in Lahore.

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